Called to Worship (a ministry of Artists in Christian Testimony International) exists to serve thoughtful worshippers and worship leaders by providing regular devotionals and discussions of real life issues from a Gospel-centered perspective. Additionally, we will offer reviews of books, CDs and other resources that serve to fuel renewal in the worship life of churches and individual believers.

In general, some posts target how-tos and resources that will help worship leaders and pastors. The other posts target believers in their daily worship journey–sometimes written for a specific congregation, but delivered in a way that believers everywhere can find encouragement and inspiration.

Material found on this site is copyrighted but may be used as a free resource as long as you link back to www.calledtoworship.org. Permission must be requested to republish any posts in paid publications.


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  1. PHil — Byron Spradlin here — let me know how to subscribe to your blog. I could not figure out how to get on the subcriber list. Let me know. Byron (byron@ACTinternational.org)

  2. Jerry Smart says:

    Hi, I loved reading your blog. Good stuff!!
    I thought I’d mention, I recently interviewed Darrell Evans (author of Trading My Sorrows) …
    in the interview he gives tips on worship leading, songwriting etc… I thought you might like to use it.

    Here is a link to the interview. http://wp.me/p1kbUp-2N

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